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Registration closed!!!!

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This is ma sad story of how i missed my first attempt at topcoder this morning….. I thought i got to start topcoding (chumma thought of starting it… must have started ages ago when i started SPOJ) and was prepared for The SRM 391….So i tried my very best to get up at 7 in the morning(after finfishing 3 linux installations in my hostel the previous night…. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I got up saw tht time was 7.00 already… didnt even brush.. and got on straight to “The I Lab” .. I think this is where my sad part starts… i chose a comp next to akhil and sat down to log in(hold on ilab is the internet lab of NITT and its “very fast!!!”… i gave the machine my user name and xxxxx as my password…. and then waited for two mins…. it said “loading your personal setings.”… i had sme patience (i am not tht patient either)so i waited for another two mins… and this thing kept on saying “loading my personal settings” …. (i thought tht the comp had taken a break!!! but why me:-( )…. so i kept waiting and waiting and tilll it loaded… and then went to topcoder site eagerly and pressed the register tab in the applet.. only to see tht the ****ing registration was over minutes ago…. Actually a bad start if u consider topcoding… so friends …. never trust a comp in i lab…. They have all these 1 gb ram stuff and things.. bt our NITT network server is so fast tht it brings down the comp speed to its own “high speed”…

P.S Please leave your condolenses below…


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February 27, 2008 at 7:59 am

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My First Post

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now since this is ma first post i thought i could put something sensible!So here is my first effort.but the only hurdle to cross was the topic on which i am gonna post on… should it be on my recent happennings back home or something like my favs…or something to say on my fav hero kamal hassan and abt jakie chan coming for “dasavatharam” audio realease or something abt ma coll and stuff.. there i gt plenty because thts NITT(well thts the coll where i landed up )i was planning on describing the latest comedy tht Mr Genious(CSE Prof-The one who knows wht really programming is !!!)did….

Students:Sir the lab server has crashed!!

Mr Genious: (after seriously going through the sever)”Oh… i think ‘maybe’ its because of the AC is not working properly”!!!

lol …i gt all those stuff like tht in my dept man… sort of proud to say tht(should i really… well not indeed .. forget it.. NITT comp sci rocks!!!)

So, since i couldnt say something on tht i thought of telling u guys abt my laptop… i call it The Phoenix(hoping tht it comes back alive each time it dies!! it did ofcourse the last time when i installed fedora thirce on a single day :-o)So i am not gonna let down my lappy in front of u ppl…. so the next thing on my mind was abt my college techfest coming up next week -Pragyan’ 08…bt its yet to come and to say abt something before it comes is not my way…. then i thought of telling u guys abt my vetti life at NITT … bt ppl already know me and thts why they have given me a name of vetti Sathya…

Andย  then i finally , I thought of telling u guys on wht all went in my mind to tell u first…. i am sure i have missed a lot over here (because i gt to keep my blog going… dont want to finish it all in a single shot)… thts it for nw.. and finally thanks to suren for making me blog…. it was his blog tht sort of created an interest in me to blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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February 23, 2008 at 10:26 pm

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