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What I would remember 2011 for :

  1. Finally hitting the gym after 22 years of  ‘relaxing’. Lost 60 pounds over 4 months. Think I can consider that an achievement ? 😉
  2. Interning at Facebook over the summer, working on Freight and finally building something considerable from the scratch. Getting an offer finally after a lot of excitement.
  3. Shaking hands with Mark Zuckerberg over a party at his house. This guy is very different from what was portrayed in the movie.
  4. Living with cousins over the summer and watching Appu (my new born nephew) grow exponentially.
  5. Biking around 1100 miles in California over 12 weeks.
  6. Surprised parents by showing up one fine day at their door step when they were thinking I would come for a video chat. (for anyone else, MUST DO once in your lifetime)
  7. Hiking 13 miles in the Grand Canyon (Havasupai Trail) to find the most gorgeous turquoise-blue waterfall I have ever seen.
  8. Finally, working on the Linux Kernel :).
  9. The Door country trip; How to possibly screw up all the plans and yet have fun.
  10. Buying a Kindle and finally reading some of those books I must have read ages ago .

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January 30, 2012 at 5:55 pm

One month into the Grad Life !!

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Its been more than a month into the Graduate Life at Univ of Wisconsin Madison for me. The first thing I felt missing from my Indian life is Time.  Back in India, at times, I was pretty much jobless that I would stay up late in the night and discuss some arbit crap with friends on the garnet lawn or watch some TV Series. I actually ended up watching 18 TV series as a part of my Undergraduate Life :P. But once course work started, it was a round robin between Assignments, Cooking, doing groceries and getting used to America !!.

I am not sure if this applies to all other universities in US, but Wisc-Mad needs you to only enroll for 6 credits per semester if you are a TA. Hence my calendar initially was only filled on Tue and Thurs for a couple of hours. And once they let in TA allotments, it all turned out to be messy. I finally managed to squeeze all TA and classwork commitments to just Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  So the long weekend starts on the Friday and lasts till my alarm rings on the next Tuesday morning at 8.00am :P.  Needless to say, there are assignments to be done or some or the other thing that comes up.  Life here is awesome. You have people who are very sweet and polite to you. Doesn’t mean  they actually are in real life. Its just the thing that they have a sweet outer-cover. So you walk into the street full of people, you ll end up with a lots of face gestures wishing you  a good day. In particular, in one of the invited talks, a guy from west coast mentioned that people in Madison are super sweet.

Fall is beautiful. Just a pleasant thing to watch. I was usually this person in India who rarely manages to step outside the 5m invisible ring around a laptop. But out here, the best thing I like to do is go and sit in front of the lake. Madison has two beautiful lakes and since my university and Madison city are a part and parcel of each other,  I am in close proximity to these awesome buildings and places of Madison. The state capitol which looks like a replica of the White House is few minutes walk from my apartment and department. And hence each and every day I go to dept, I feel like I am actually going to work. Doesn’t give you this feeling of you walking inside a campus where every one you see is a student or a person with academic ties.

Couple of funny things I encountered here :

  1. Wanna meet a prof ??, No problem. Just  walk in … Wanna have your hair cut ??  get an appointment beforehand and be there on time. And beyond that, most of the saloons have women cutting your hair and they charge you anywhere between 10 to 20 dollars for a simple haircut. Taxes are also to be paid btw :P. And I had to pay 16 dollars (and ideally supposed to have followed the golden-20%-tipping rule) for just ending up in an Identity crisis at the hands of a woman in a span of just few minutes. The lady who cut my hair was actually perplexed when she heard that hair cut at India cost me like 75 cents.
  2. Cycling is a lot of fun. And you have a separate bike-lane here everywhere. The whole city is actually very scenic to cycle.
  3. Ever since I came to US, I have always carried only 5 dollars in my wallet as Cash. And to this date, I still haven’t used it at all.
  4. To all those who sit in India and act like this crazy calculator that converts  their friends/spouses/kid’s salary in dollars to INR, you wouldn’t be willing to even buy a small candy if you keep doing that over here before spending.
  5. Temperature plays a see-saw most of the time here. It might happen at times, that you see a clear and sunny sky out there and wanna go for a bike ride. You might still end up biking at 8 degree Celsius. Happened to me. So trust me :P.
  6. You gotta figure out clever ways to get your TV episode if you don’t wanna end up missing it or watching it in a tiny 400×300 pixel in your browser.
  7. People take your word for granted here. If you say you dunno who is responsible for this big chunk of data downloaded from your phone eating up your data plan, they just push you up to a bigger data plan free of cost :P.
  8. Beyond seven, anything is not funny at all. So I stop here 😛

Well there actually are many interesting things to put up here, but all that comes to my mind right now is this Lattice framework for compiler optimization which I cant get a hang of.

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October 4, 2010 at 10:06 am

The Hyderabad Weekend

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The last time when I visited my cousins at Hyderabad was sometime around my First year. So I planned a small trip with mom over the weekend and it was one of the most exciting weekends for me after coll ended :). Not to forget the adventurous trip on the way back :P. Things that I did :

  1. Did a lot of shopping with cousins. Thanks to Kalapana and Kavitha akka, now 80% of my shopping work is over. We were right on time for the Sales at Lifestyle at In Orbit. I felt like I really did shop something for the first time in my life  (I never did any shopping till I was out of College :P).
  2. Met Srinivas, Abhinav and Mrinal at CCD near Hitec City. Abhinav has become like a hindi film star, mrinal is on race with Ankit to gain weight and Srinivas is all the more fair and handsome 😛 . Had a nice time with them though had to run back home quickly as one of  my cousins had to catch a flight to Chennai that evening.
  3. The new airport Ring road is Awesome ! 8 lanes and u can easily go on 140 kmph 🙂
  4. Went for a Rock and Jazz concert at Mariut Convention Center. This was my first concert if u dont count those we had in Coll during Festember and all. Was pure fun and was a pleasure meeting some of my cousin’s close friends :).
  5. Karthik picked me up on the way back at 12 in the night and went to his home :). NR and co were already there and Naga sir arrived early in the morning 😛 .. Tirth too came all the way at 1 in the night  and we had a nice chit chat till around 3 in the morning :). Not to forget the Zaveri call and the Hyderabadi briyani at some 2 in the night 🙂
  6. Spent the whole of next day at cousins place. Beautiful house .. .given that my cousin is an Interior Designer herself :).  I was always scared of dogs as pets. But I found  Deva aka the Lazy Labrador very very friendly. He nibbled me a couple of times and that was it. Such a cute one :).
  7. Went for lunch with family at  Mainland China. Went to the same one at Banglore few weeks back with Suren and co and guess what I am back :P. This one in Hyd had a better Chineese ambiance and the food was better too 🙂
  8. Got a Leather jacket on the way back and visited a Harley Davidson Show room. Some day , I shall own one 🙂
  9. Went on a Ride on the New Royal Enfield Classic 500 that Ramesh uncle got . It was so stud !! I always felt that bullets were more appealing to me than bikes(even the racing ones.. earlier on the same day , balu let me drive his R15 ).
  10. Got back on a train and reached Chitoor only to find that I am supposed to cross Andhra border and reach my home  through some weird way cos it was a State wide Bandh for Chandrababu Naidu’s Arrest. And this area seemed to be a TDP stronghold and they blocked all roads that led to city outskirts and TN border. Not even Cars were let to passby. Only emergency vehicles and 2 wheelers were allowed to pass. Had to take 2 autos to cross 2 such barricades ( the auto guys were also afraid to go cos they were asked strictly not to take on public transport). Cost me some 350 bucks to cross some 12 kms. On the last barricade at the check post at TN border, nothing worked and the auto guy also gave up. We walked all the way across the border with those heavy shopping bags. Luckily some nice guy gave me and my mom lift on a Hero Honda ( yes !!  we had no other option left ). So Triples it was. Me and my mom clinging on to that metallic fixtures on the back so that we dont fall off :P. Some how reached home after some 5 tensed hours 🙂

A great weekend in all … A memorable one too . Thanks to my cousins 🙂

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July 20, 2010 at 9:50 am

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F1 Visa Experience

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I finally got my F1 Visa for US approved today at Chennai Consulate 🙂 .. Actually been a while since I updated anything on my blog. So bear with the abrupt posting 😛 .. I am headed to Univ of Wisconsin Madison(wisc mad) for MS in CS with Aid .  I  had got all my docs into a harmonium folder and  reached the consulate office at around 7 . My interview appointment time was 8.00am .  It was raining heavily and just when I reached , they were beginning to let people in. Was surprised to see auto guys pulling out umbrellas from their autos and selling it to applicants who had not brought the umbrella when it rained ( I never expected they would let us carry umbrellas inside when they don’t even  allow electronic watches ).  After  the initial screening outside, they checked my file folder and stuff and let me inside the main counters where they verified the ds160 confirmation page and  collected all the necessary docs like sevis , hdfc receipt, i20 , admission letter , passport etc . I had a slight delay here because the guy said that I need to submit a Photograph without specs . The one I had submitted in my ds160 had specs on. But I remember reading on the VFS site that spectacles are allowed if they are for medical reasons.  So they made me wait in the photo queue over there. The photo guy comes only around 8. So I had to wait all the while. Also the guys in this docs counters were all Indians. So they were a bit pissed off and showing unhappy faces at ppl who didnt understand whts to be done( at least the guy in the counter where I went was like that ).

The photo guy turned up around 8.15am (yes !! he was an Indian given his punctuality 😛 ). Got my photos. Cost me 100 bucks and went back to the counter to get back the docs and submitted the finger prints. Now after this,  the counter guy gave me a folder with  my passport , DD for the change in visa fee, HDFC receipt, SEVIS receipt, I20,  Admission letters, Funding letter from College. I thought my course completion certi should also be added to this list and put it myself once I was well away from the counter.

After this I went on to this counter where I had to pay the extra amount due to change in the VISA fee from $131 to $140. Took a couple of mins and got the receipt. People who opted to  pay by cash were delayed. Also, once inside, the Interview time didnt matter as people stood in the line arbitrarily as and when their previous task was completed. I headed straight to the VO(Visa Officer) counter. They had 2 counters with VO, on the either side of the 12 counter array where docs were put into the folder. The VO guy was a middle aged American, a bit tanned, very calm and polite( unlike the Indians in the other counters :P). So I put up a big confident smile on my face and went ahead. And this is the conversation as I remember 😛

VO : Good Morning Sir.
ME : Good Morning Officer.
(The VO takes my blue folder and looks at the docs. Asks me to give my Individual mark sheets. I asked if he wanted the transcript and he insisted on seeing the Individual Mark sheets. And then he asked me to give me my GRE and TOEFL Score cards. Though he never looked into them. He went through carefully through my mark sheets and I was worried if he would give me  a  pink slip cos I had taken a course on Crypto and couple of TAL items 😛 )
VO : Please take back your mark sheets sir .
ME : Thank you.
(Now he looks into my i20 and enters into the SEVIS database and checks out my college and stuff
VO : So why did you choose this university sir ?
(At this point , I couldn hear him properly . So I signalled him to adjust the mike volume and he happily did )
Me : Its got a very reputed group of faculty and course structure and besides, its ranked in the top ten for my area sir.
VO : So whats your Area of Interest
( Bang !!  RED ALERT !! I begin to   get back my senses and  recollect the comfortable answer that I had in mind which would not  end me up in TAL )
Me : I am planning to work on Database Management Systems ( Well 😀 )
(  And this is when the interview got a bit Techy)
VO : So what all DB s are you familiar with.
Me : Mysql , SQL blah blah blah ..
VO : Good .. So you know Oracle ??
( This is when I realised he was not this computer guy :P)
Me: Yes sir… But oracle as such is a company and not a DB language. Though I  have worked on Oracle’s SQL .. and recently MySql came under Oracle as they purchased Sun Micro Systems.
VO : Yeah yeah !! I get it .. They are DB s related to Microsoft. So what  interests you in this.
Me : I am interested in how data could be efficiently and effectively stored and organized  sir.
( And there ends the tech part.. was running arnd for abt 40 secs.. )
VO : Good . And how  are you planning to cover your expenses?
Me : I have funding from the University Sir.
(By this time , I was a bit worried as he was questioning me more on what area  I am gonna work on.. So I thought I was gonna end up getting a pink slip .. Was almost prepared for it when he stretched his hands to pick up a white slip and pushed it towards me )
VO : We have an Orientation for Students headed to USA this evening ( and shows me the white slip that I misunderstood for a pink slip 😛 ). I am approving your VISA sir .. It ll be couriered to you in 2 days. Have a nice day 🙂
Me : Thank you sir 🙂

I was  going back with the conversation in my mind to get assured that I didnt get a pink slip and definitely got my VISA approved 😛 .. And then headed to the exit after confirming it with a lady over there 🙂

All izz well !! 😀

USA check list :

Acco (Check)
Flight Tickets (Check)
Shopping (Errr ??? )
Now R.I.P 😀

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June 9, 2010 at 5:00 pm

A Memorable Senti Weekend

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If I had to recollect, say ten years later, a memorable week end I had, I would point out to this blog post :).  The plan started initially as a black thunder plan and owing to the usual  dropping out of people for “Busy” reasons, got transformed to the Power Lunch plan.  Normally  we would  shift to our usual back up plans of going to buhari or selvam for lunch and call it as an week end, but me and Archit were so frust with things going this way each and every time  and wanted to have a nice memorable week end :).

So Archit, me,  VI , Venki and Susan started it with the Power Lunch at Sangam 🙂 . Why we refer to it as the power lunch dates back to fifth semester incident when me and Bur and couple of others went to Sangam for the first time :P.  The usual sangam power lunch results in we cribbing to others that we are not gonna eat for another 2 days but this day, we talked so much that at the end of buffet, we felt like we haven even tried half of the dishes over there :P. By this time, Venki was shivering ( yes !!! in this hot trichy, this guy finds sitting in AC uncomfortable 😛 ) and we left :). And we had no clue what we were supposed to do till evening, so took an auto and headed straight to Kalaiarangam for “Paiya” movie.  Though the movie was a normal one, the analogies brought out by VI to incidents happening around, made us pinned to our seats till the end and have a nice time :).

Initial plan was to return after movie, but then, we still felt there was more to the evening and headed straight to the Reliance Food Court where Su was supposed to go for a treat :).  Happily sat there, watched the Mumbai match and surprised a couple of girls by having a good dinner even after coming back from sangam lunch :P. Was surprised by Mr Mage turning up with a girl company 😉 and we left at around 7 and got back to coll :).

VI was too enthu to go for a walk and hence we went on the BIG walk around the campus going beyond opal :D.  Went to the temple and this is when things got Wierd. Every damn thing archit tried to say inside the temple ended up happening:P . He says “Bloody Director” and he comes there in few minutes. He asks for Prasad and people come all the way to us and gfve us :P. We had no clue how but it was sort of fun to think things were like happening as and when Archit said something :P.  After the temple we kept walking and talking all the way back to Garnet. Tired from the walk, headed straight to Aavin and back to room. Thought I was done for the day and watched a movie and got up in betweent to fetch water from cooler and on the way see Archit and Nami sitting on the corridor near the GToL (Garnet Tree of Love) and talking :D. One look and u knw Nami was high. And then we started talking about things and people joined :D. We five of us ( Archit, Me , Venki , Vi and Nami) laughed our hearts out on various incidents and mainly when Nami blabbers something funny. Nami who was initially high, was almost clear by the time Archit told him all the incidents that he had no clue about :D. And then we kept talking and suddenly it was 4am in the morning. Took a Bike and off we were to Thiruverumbur for Refreshments( Tea + Bun) . Such a wonderful feeling to have done a night out, talking and then you get hot tea with bun at the end of it :D. Praveen joined now and now we were off to the first year times :). Finally some one reminded us that it was time to sleep and I go to bed.

To my surprise, the news paper was at my door steps at 5 in the morning .For the first time,  I was like reading the newspaper before going to bed :P. I wake up the next morning and Nami gives a pleasant surprise by  cooking us an awesome lunch 😀 ( 4Kgs of Chicken Curry). Had one of  the best ever lunches, sitting in a room and eating with friends.

With loads of things happening, it was a nice time to sit and talk with friends,  with cherished memories :). None of us could forget this nightout for all the stuff we talked about and all the truths that people ended up knowing :D.  I never thought I would get senti and write a post about it by the end of the coll :).

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April 21, 2010 at 1:36 am

Wassup !!

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Its been a while since I posted and I sort of feel guilty (gulti 😛 ) when my blog gets hits without any new posts. So here it goes . Me sitting here, bunking AI class to search for my cycle which miraculously moved 50 meters all by itself :P. The last post I made here was before my grueling GRE exam in july I guess. So whats been happening since then ??(at least for me to remember sometime when I look back )

  1. Got a 1330 in GRE after I thought I almost screwed up my verbal. Was very happy to see some 1300ish score after almost considering to cancel reporting my scores 😀
  2. Semester Results came and I managed to again get just above 9 😀 (thanks to shivshankar )
  3. Placements begin and I became a regular visiting student  of the department of  TP, getting shortlisted for all interviews and getting kicked out for higher studies or some arbit reason or lack of preparation.. (:P) . In this process, I won an iPod ( direct i contest at coll), couple of t-shirts and goodies which amounted to more than my registration fee I paid for my placements
  4. Final year comp sci is so much fun though we have loads of classes. Bunked a cycle test for the first time and my I got an official less than 10 score in cycle test finally 😛
  5. TOEFL was another big thing. Managed to score a 108.
  6. Writing SOP s shortlisting Univ s . The ROTGAD stuff ..
  7. Hell lot of chatting and planning of trips during vacations with friends. Especially the placed ones at the helm of planning commission 😛 . Regular carrom at sports center and OC shots :P. The increasing crowd under the Love tree of garnet (latest addition nami aka rishi hari 😛 )
  8. Got a paper accepted in 8th International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security. Got scholarship for attending the conference in Japan this December. Really excited about it.
  9. Friends getting placed, Placement treats, Boycotting mess for non-veg food in the name of insects. The  newyr at bombay plans.
  10. Spending  Diwali with friends in Trichy. The bangalore trip for DRDO, watching “Wake up Sid” after the interview. The night out in trichy after watching peranmai with shriram,venki , archit, archana ,jd and RK. ROFL at jenny’s coffee shops at 2 in the night 🙂

This is what comes to mind when I think about whats been happening for the last 4 months.

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October 22, 2009 at 11:27 am

The Coorgh Trip

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I had a wonderful week end at Coorgh with Shanky, Shriram, Sab, Prem and RK. Me and Shriram had come to banglore the previous night and stayed at Shanky’s place. The next day morning at around 5.30, we were all geared up to begin our journey.  We had hired a Chevrolet for our trip and the first thing that we were happy about was that the driver  knew tamil and he was very  gregarious. He was pretty much our age and looked like a Kanada hero.

Mc Donald’s :

100_1247The first place we stopped en route to Coorgh was at this petrol bunk which incidentally had a Mc Donalds in its premises. And it had been long time since any of us went to Mc D, so we had our early breakfast at around 7 here at Mc D.

Tibet Camp :

This place was like a mini Tibet in India. This was the first place en route our journey to Coorgh. The place was a Buddhist monastery. It was calm except for all the noise that we made. The place was serene with Buddhist monks glorifying their traditions. I particularly was amazed at the way they had decorated the deity. But one surprising thing that I noticed was that, they served Mirinda and Pepsi as holy water!!!. There were also piles of lays and maaza packets stacked in front of the altar, that we were curious as to when they would be distributed. We spent about forty minutes at this place and started clicking pictures. The Bird Sanctuary : We actually didn’t cover this because we thought we were getting late and were more interested in watching the other “birds” up hill :P. DSC02957

The Water Rafting :

This was our next stop after the Buddhist monastery. We got to see our first “birds” and they were awesome :P. This place is meant for adventurous rafting, but since the water stream wasn’t great, they were only offering a mild still water rafting(though actually the water was flowing slowly). Costs about 100 per head. We soon got ourselves prepared for rafting. Oars on hands and life jackets on, we were all set for a forty five minute rafting. Should have been around a kilometer. The guide who came with us was equally interested in experimenting with different stunts on rafting. We took all possible routes and drove under close branches that were hanging down from the banks. Not to forget about the debate that me, rk and shanky got into before starting the ride ( censored but the result was evident 😛 ). DSC03007


The next stop was at Coorgh. It was already 12 in the afternoon and we resumed our journey to Coorgh. It was about half an hour travel from the rafting spot. And this time, wild bamboos on either side of the road greeted us with memories that would stay etched evergreen. All through the time, we had a really nice time teasing either sab or shanky. Occasionally I got entangled in the course of fun-making but managed to remain impalpable. We reached Coorgh at about 2 in the afternoon. We had booked a room at Rajdarshan. Cost us 1600+tax for a 4 member room which six of us shared. We spent about ten fifteen minutes refreshing in the room. The room was commodious. It even had a bathtub. We watched TV for a while and settled down for lunch at a local hotel. Our bird watching continued and we were now like syncing with a flock. DSC03040

Abbey Falls :

I remember coming to this place when I was in my eighth standard. It was a steep walk down from the entrance to the main falls. Unfortunately, we were only allowed to watch the water falls from a distance, which shattered our hopes of wetting our feet. Next we proceeded to the view point. There was in fact no actual view point. We even saw a nice location for viewing the crevices that we named it a “new view point”. And then we were off to Rajas Seat. 100_1284

Raja’s Seat :

DSC03139This was supposed to be a small park with musical fountain, but turned out to be a trekking for us. With bird watching at the peaks, we first filled our quench for snacks with few stops at the bhel-puri shops and then went on inside the park. But then, we saw quite a few people trekking down the slope from the park. This wasn’t supposed to be a trek, but it sort of turned out to be a short one. We went up and down the hilly slopes and clicked lots of pictures. Finally we returned to the park after about one and half hours of mild trekking and were on time for the musical fountain. Once this got over, we were off to some shopping and finally dinner, back at the restaurant. Had a sumptuous dinner and returned back to room. (In between convo with nami on phone to be discussed later in a diff blog post 😛 ). Finally we were back in room, transferred the picks to comp and took few more pics and started watching X-men movie. In all it was a nice enjoyable day 1 .DSC03192

Day 2 was more of travelling. At Coorgh there aren’t much places to visit for a 2-day trip. The only place left for us was “Thala Cauvery”. So we were headed there the next day morning at around 7  in the morning. We had a nice breakfast in the Udupi hotel ( Not to forget shriram telling us that there is a Sangeetas in Coorgh also :P )

Thala Cauveri :

DSC03227This according to myths is the origin of the river Cauvery. I had been to this place in my childhood. The journey to this place from Coorgh was awesome. It was totally misty and it was raining intermittently.  Finally when we reached the place, the visibility was almost like 10 feet, beyond which u can see no more. Some of my friends had built up a mental picture of this place as some cave from which cauvery would be emanating with a sprout. I had warned them about this place being not to what they had in mind. And it so happened that there was a big pond sort of thing in which, there was a small marked spot, meant for worship. This they called was where cauvery originated. But we noticed that the water kept coming out at a good rate by looking at the water coming out constantly from the pond. But this place was really worth visiting for two things. One the climate,being the highest altitude  in the vicinity and second the place is well maintained as u can evidently see from the pictures. DSC03259

After this, we pretty much had nothing left to visit at Coorgh and started our journey downhill. We planned to touch upon Mysore on our way back, but we had to reach Bangalore early enough to visit a friend’s house and catch the train back to Chennai at 10.45 pm. So we decided to just visit the palace and return as soon as possible from Mysore. And this was when we really got bored listening to the Hindi songs the driver had. So we got down, brought an empty CD and burnt it with AR R’s Tamil songs ( yes we carried not one but three laptops :P)

Mysore Palace :

DSC03364Due to time constraints, we didn’t have time to go inside the palace. We roamed around in the outskirts of palace and clicked pictures. Birds were there aplenty here too 😛 . Stayed here for about half an hour and started our journey back to Bangalore.

Mc Donald’s Revisited :

Now this was totally because we ran out of charge in our laptops and had to transfer pics from cam to laptops. So we planned to charge our laptops in Mc D and also have a something to eat before reaching Bangalore.  We finally reached Bangalore at around 7 in the evening. Dropped off Shanky, Sab and Prem in a local bus stop and we headed on to Archana’s home. She had invited us for dinner. Had a nice time at her place and at around 9.30, Shriram, Me and RK got into an auto and left for the railway station.

In all it was an awesome time. We had been planning such trips for a long time and each and every time, some thing or the other would come up and we would have to call it off. This time it went on well except that, Bur couldn’t make it. We all missed him in the trip. DSC03273

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June 23, 2009 at 11:56 am