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Crazy Dreams…

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I dont remember my dreams. Never could I recollect what I had dreamt about  in the last night. A few exceptions are this and the one that woke me up this morning. They would rather come under the category of nightmares.  For the past few days, I have been trying really hard to read this big book (Barrons) of hundreds of words that even makes a month a small time for an exam. I dont reckon preparing for any exam like this in a very long long time.

So here goes the dream and I was so terrified that I totally remember the details. It was a sandy beach. In fact lots of sand … and then there were couple of  my friends and we were all happily playing and chit chatting. And suddenly this guy starts talking about GRE and  he gave me the following shocking news

1. GRE from now on is for a score of 2200

2. No math in GRE and its only  the verbal section completely

3. And a new edition of barrons with 103 word lists is newly released .

And then he went on to tell me that some guy wrote it in a jiffy and got some 2188 .. I have no idea how I remember so much from a dream ..  I just got up with a shock, messaged two ppl who were giving GRE today and then slept  back.  May be all these happened because I was trying to do 4 word lists yesterday  to compensate for my slow pace of current preps.

In all, I just wanna be done with it and move on to other things. I have been battered since the day, I had planned to give GRE. First it was with getting a passport which almost took me 2  visits to chennai passport office and finally one visit to trichy pass port office and now I get awkward dreams of the examination. On one side, I am having an awesome summer, on the other side, I am really getting abused by these GRE preps. The only thing that I am sharpening in this process is the pencil that I use to keep track of the words 😀


Written by Sathya Narayanan

June 15, 2009 at 9:11 pm