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ACM-ICPC 2008 Asia Region Kanpur Site

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The Asia Regionals were held in Kanpur site on December 15th and 16th. My team consisting of Vaibhav , Me and Abhinav happened to be the only team to be going from NIT Trichy . So we couldnt have the sort of get together fun we had at the Amritapuri Site. And also the kanpur people were not that warm in their treatment being the host of the competition for the past ten years. And it also happened to be my first trip to north india. I am planning to write all the comedies that happened in the process of my travel as a seperate post .But i will stick to the competition in this post.

We reached there on 14th morning and we headed to IIT kanpur in an auto and got the accomodation . As most of the IIT s have surplous rooms and hostels, we were given individual rooms for each of us and the campus was the first thing that i found overwhelming in the trip. The campus was so beautiful with lawns all over it.Coming from a place like NITT where all u can see when u look around are Red hot soil , having a nice landscape around was inspiring enough for us to drop all tasks at hand and go for a walk around thc campus. We made a short trip, and their hostels were par the expectations i had in mind. Each hostel had a seperate mess within it and a canteen and a nice lawn all around it . We were made to dine in the mess and i would have regretted it if it had been in my college mess , but this was IIT mess. The mess was so clean and well equipped and no wonder the food was tasty 🙂 .


The next morning we had the inaugural ceremony and guest talks. They had arranged for Tea which had more than just tea, and we almost had a sort of lunch over there . There was a practice contest in the afternoon and thats when panic stuck me . I was pretty much comfortable with the Mooshak online judge . But these people were using PC2 . PC2 is a java applet and the application was not as i thought it would be. It didnt even have a rank list display . So after the practice session , we took our time off and we had a special dinner in the computer center lawn. The lawn was well lit with lights and the food was great and so were the girls around us 😛 .

The main contest was on 16th and we were all geared up . There were few things we had to take care of. The first thing being that the rank list would be displayed only at the lobby downstairs .So we had no idea how the other teams were doing. And then the questions were not that great. They didnt have proper input size specification and two of the most easy problems were unsolved by all teams. It can happen that a particular team can be eluded by an easy problem , but if all the teams had a problem with their simple solution not getting accepted , then it was more than a tricky input. Even after the contest , any interaction with the judges regarding the problems . We spent most of the contest time debugging our stupid mistakes and made our submissions only in the last minute. And spent most of the time wasting on one of the easier probs which no one could solve.



In the end we were happy that even after a bad performance we were ranked 14th . And there were only 14 teams out of the 60 to have solved 2 or more problems . Only 4 teams solved 4 problems .Four teams had solved 3 problems and 7 teams had solved 2 problems . So the first fourteen teams were grouped into the meritorious list , which we had managed to get into with our last minute debugging . Had we debugged those earlier , we could have been into the top 10.

On 17th i started my return journey and reached home on 19th early morning at 2 . In all it was a nice experience to make few things clear to me . I needed a lot of practicing to do in the coming months :).



Written by Sathya Narayanan

December 20, 2008 at 5:27 pm

ACM-ICPC Asia Regionals @ Amrita University – Kerala

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Have u ever been overwhelmed by the hospitality ? . Then probably you should visit Amrita univ as an ACM-ICPC contestant.So was I whn I visited the campus on dec 3rd – 8th . I should say they made all of the 70 odd teams take a note of their hospitality and treatment they offered . There were teams from as far as Kazakistan , Taiwan and Singapore .The ACM-ICPC goes like this. Each college is supposed to select team locally by conducting a local contest and then these teams compete online for their tickets to the regionals . The Asia Regionals was held at amrita univ and one more is held at IIT kanpur. There are totally 70 regionals in the whole world and Amrita Univ is hosting one of them . There were 5 teams from NITT this time and we made sure we had a lot of fun.And for the kanpur only my team gt qualified . So Amrita was the only place where all of us cud have a great time together.

Me and nutty boarded the train on 3rd night and reached there on 4th morning. And they had promised us tht they will pick us up from station. So we were expecting an old college bus to be waiting for us , but we were greeted with a qualis . From there on they really impressed us all . The volunteers were organised and knew exactly wht to do .(Not like the pragyan volunteers :P) On 4th we mostly spent the day at the rooms chatting and had great food in the after noon and night.

On 5th the registration started and my other team mates arrived. And they had this traditional welcome for us with about some 40 girls dressed in mallu dress holding lamps in their hands as we entered their college building. And just then suren reminded me about the cheer leader effect . The inaugural ceremony was held at 9 followed by a practice contest and then we were taken on a beach trip by them. They took care of all the travel and even carried mineral water bottles for us in the bus . This is probably the height of hospirality . And finally we had the banquet dinner and it was just great.

Dec 6th was the main contest day . I dont think there is much to say for this day . But their usual high end hospitality continued. The contest was tough and we managed only 22nd position. The IIIT team from hyderabad finished first and no wonder they were coached by prasanna( our college passout and 2 time world finalist ) .And then there was this award ceremony where we were given away the certificates and some cultural entertainment followed by another great dinner. The next day was excursion day

We were headed to Thenmala on dec 7th . The trip was more of travel and we managed to get nice pics of all . They took us to Ambanaad hills and and adventure park . And even here they took care of all our food and continued to impress us . Finally we headed back to campus at night and the next day i was on train back home 🙂 . ( they even dropped us back on the railway station in car )

In all they have made this trip memorable with their warm hospitality . All the teams who came for the onsite regionals personally appreciated the efforts put by all those volunteers. I think the pragyan team should have a piece of their hospitality . We were so overwhelmed tht me and others from NITT decided never to invite these guys to our campus for any festember or pragyan ( we didnt want to insult them with our hospitality :D)

Written by Sathya Narayanan

December 9, 2008 at 10:07 am