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Evanescent Thoughts

The Hyderabad Weekend

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The last time when I visited my cousins at Hyderabad was sometime around my First year. So I planned a small trip with mom over the weekend and it was one of the most exciting weekends for me after coll ended :). Not to forget the adventurous trip on the way back :P. Things that I did :

  1. Did a lot of shopping with cousins. Thanks to Kalapana and Kavitha akka, now 80% of my shopping work is over. We were right on time for the Sales at Lifestyle at In Orbit. I felt like I really did shop something for the first time in my life  (I never did any shopping till I was out of College :P).
  2. Met Srinivas, Abhinav and Mrinal at CCD near Hitec City. Abhinav has become like a hindi film star, mrinal is on race with Ankit to gain weight and Srinivas is all the more fair and handsome 😛 . Had a nice time with them though had to run back home quickly as one of  my cousins had to catch a flight to Chennai that evening.
  3. The new airport Ring road is Awesome ! 8 lanes and u can easily go on 140 kmph 🙂
  4. Went for a Rock and Jazz concert at Mariut Convention Center. This was my first concert if u dont count those we had in Coll during Festember and all. Was pure fun and was a pleasure meeting some of my cousin’s close friends :).
  5. Karthik picked me up on the way back at 12 in the night and went to his home :). NR and co were already there and Naga sir arrived early in the morning 😛 .. Tirth too came all the way at 1 in the night  and we had a nice chit chat till around 3 in the morning :). Not to forget the Zaveri call and the Hyderabadi briyani at some 2 in the night 🙂
  6. Spent the whole of next day at cousins place. Beautiful house .. .given that my cousin is an Interior Designer herself :).  I was always scared of dogs as pets. But I found  Deva aka the Lazy Labrador very very friendly. He nibbled me a couple of times and that was it. Such a cute one :).
  7. Went for lunch with family at  Mainland China. Went to the same one at Banglore few weeks back with Suren and co and guess what I am back :P. This one in Hyd had a better Chineese ambiance and the food was better too 🙂
  8. Got a Leather jacket on the way back and visited a Harley Davidson Show room. Some day , I shall own one 🙂
  9. Went on a Ride on the New Royal Enfield Classic 500 that Ramesh uncle got . It was so stud !! I always felt that bullets were more appealing to me than bikes(even the racing ones.. earlier on the same day , balu let me drive his R15 ).
  10. Got back on a train and reached Chitoor only to find that I am supposed to cross Andhra border and reach my home  through some weird way cos it was a State wide Bandh for Chandrababu Naidu’s Arrest. And this area seemed to be a TDP stronghold and they blocked all roads that led to city outskirts and TN border. Not even Cars were let to passby. Only emergency vehicles and 2 wheelers were allowed to pass. Had to take 2 autos to cross 2 such barricades ( the auto guys were also afraid to go cos they were asked strictly not to take on public transport). Cost me some 350 bucks to cross some 12 kms. On the last barricade at the check post at TN border, nothing worked and the auto guy also gave up. We walked all the way across the border with those heavy shopping bags. Luckily some nice guy gave me and my mom lift on a Hero Honda ( yes !!  we had no other option left ). So Triples it was. Me and my mom clinging on to that metallic fixtures on the back so that we dont fall off :P. Some how reached home after some 5 tensed hours 🙂

A great weekend in all … A memorable one too . Thanks to my cousins 🙂


Written by Sathya Narayanan

July 20, 2010 at 9:50 am

Posted in general, Its my life, Trips

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  1. …….^_^b………….nice………..


    July 28, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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