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Evanescent Thoughts

A Memorable Senti Weekend

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If I had to recollect, say ten years later, a memorable week end I had, I would point out to this blog post :).  The plan started initially as a black thunder plan and owing to the usual  dropping out of people for “Busy” reasons, got transformed to the Power Lunch plan.  Normally  we would  shift to our usual back up plans of going to buhari or selvam for lunch and call it as an week end, but me and Archit were so frust with things going this way each and every time  and wanted to have a nice memorable week end :).

So Archit, me,  VI , Venki and Susan started it with the Power Lunch at Sangam 🙂 . Why we refer to it as the power lunch dates back to fifth semester incident when me and Bur and couple of others went to Sangam for the first time :P.  The usual sangam power lunch results in we cribbing to others that we are not gonna eat for another 2 days but this day, we talked so much that at the end of buffet, we felt like we haven even tried half of the dishes over there :P. By this time, Venki was shivering ( yes !!! in this hot trichy, this guy finds sitting in AC uncomfortable 😛 ) and we left :). And we had no clue what we were supposed to do till evening, so took an auto and headed straight to Kalaiarangam for “Paiya” movie.  Though the movie was a normal one, the analogies brought out by VI to incidents happening around, made us pinned to our seats till the end and have a nice time :).

Initial plan was to return after movie, but then, we still felt there was more to the evening and headed straight to the Reliance Food Court where Su was supposed to go for a treat :).  Happily sat there, watched the Mumbai match and surprised a couple of girls by having a good dinner even after coming back from sangam lunch :P. Was surprised by Mr Mage turning up with a girl company 😉 and we left at around 7 and got back to coll :).

VI was too enthu to go for a walk and hence we went on the BIG walk around the campus going beyond opal :D.  Went to the temple and this is when things got Wierd. Every damn thing archit tried to say inside the temple ended up happening:P . He says “Bloody Director” and he comes there in few minutes. He asks for Prasad and people come all the way to us and gfve us :P. We had no clue how but it was sort of fun to think things were like happening as and when Archit said something :P.  After the temple we kept walking and talking all the way back to Garnet. Tired from the walk, headed straight to Aavin and back to room. Thought I was done for the day and watched a movie and got up in betweent to fetch water from cooler and on the way see Archit and Nami sitting on the corridor near the GToL (Garnet Tree of Love) and talking :D. One look and u knw Nami was high. And then we started talking about things and people joined :D. We five of us ( Archit, Me , Venki , Vi and Nami) laughed our hearts out on various incidents and mainly when Nami blabbers something funny. Nami who was initially high, was almost clear by the time Archit told him all the incidents that he had no clue about :D. And then we kept talking and suddenly it was 4am in the morning. Took a Bike and off we were to Thiruverumbur for Refreshments( Tea + Bun) . Such a wonderful feeling to have done a night out, talking and then you get hot tea with bun at the end of it :D. Praveen joined now and now we were off to the first year times :). Finally some one reminded us that it was time to sleep and I go to bed.

To my surprise, the news paper was at my door steps at 5 in the morning .For the first time,  I was like reading the newspaper before going to bed :P. I wake up the next morning and Nami gives a pleasant surprise by  cooking us an awesome lunch 😀 ( 4Kgs of Chicken Curry). Had one of  the best ever lunches, sitting in a room and eating with friends.

With loads of things happening, it was a nice time to sit and talk with friends,  with cherished memories :). None of us could forget this nightout for all the stuff we talked about and all the truths that people ended up knowing :D.  I never thought I would get senti and write a post about it by the end of the coll :).


Written by Sathya Narayanan

April 21, 2010 at 1:36 am

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  1. 🙂 miss it. Lots.


    November 16, 2010 at 8:00 am

  2. that was a hell of a day !!!

    Sathya Narayanan

    November 18, 2010 at 1:01 am

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