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Evanescent Thoughts

New Year at Theoretical Comp-Sci Lab

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2008 ended  with a bang for me . With results declared on new year eve , i was delighted to see a 9.64 GPA with all the efforts i put in ( refer this ) .Lots of guys were actually not happy with results coming out on new year eve .The next thing i was happy was succesfully downloading  the Ubuntu 8.10 repository using deb mirror  from the IIT M Mirror . I had downloaded some 24.8 GB of data in some 2 hours . I am planning to set up the repository back at coll so that we have a local mirror (seperate post on using debmirror coming up ) . With this the new year eve ended on  a high and i had made some working solutions for the research problem at hand. It  was  a overwhleming  farewell gift of 2008 🙂 .img_2010




2009 had a great beginning too.It was much of a surprise . After wishing everybody a happy new year , i was off to lab . I hadnt been doing much of work this winter , so i thought of not wasting the new year day. Also there was supposed to be a class on randomised algorithms by Prof C. Pandurangan which i didnt want to miss . So I reached lab around 10 in the morning . And then I  discussed my solution for Private Matching with Prof and Phd students and finally i had some meaningful outcome for my brief winter stay at Theoretical Comp Sci Lab ( i think i have been to lab only for some  10 days in total ).So I finally got a  green signal to write my kutti results  and i should soon be sending it for a journal publication soon 🙂 . Hope it goes on well . I was exited with the new year beginning on a good note .


More fun came when the guys here  at lab decided to cut a cake and celebrate new year. So they got 2 cakes ( eggless becos prof is strictly vegetarian)  , some snacks and two big bottles of Cool Drinks to lab and soon prof joined us for the celebrations , giving his wishes .We put the camera to a good use  and also took pics group wise  ( perfect security , provable security , graph theory , game theory )  with professor. It was all fun. The atmosphere was unbeleivable .Something i cant get back in my coll and i enjoyed it completely here . Suddenly people started asking prof for his birthday treat. The guys here actually celebrate 4 birthdays of prof . One his actual birthday , his star birthday , the one in his pass port, and the one in his official records 🙂 . And apart from this they also celebrate all transitive closure events of each other’s birthday 😛 . (Looks like its more fun doing research 🙂 ) .img_2035

Soon we were headed to Cafe Coffee Day (yeah CCD 🙂 ) here, with prof and we were around 20 people . Formed a big circle over there in CCD and the rest is all wht usually happens in any treat 😀 . After the treat we again took pics . In all it was a memorable new year . It was followed by a lecture on Randomised algorithms ( which i am planning to blog on soon ) . No one who sits in Pandurangan sir’s class leaves without getting inspired by the subject that he takes. And so was I.

In all this new year was entirely opposite previous one. On the eve of the 2008 new year , me and my dad met with an accident and we were in CMC Hospital . My dad had a minor fracture in his right shoulder and we came back home only on Jan 1st morning after spending the whole night at hospital .So i am really thrilled with this new year beginning on a high . 🙂 🙂


Written by Sathya Narayanan

January 1, 2009 at 5:55 pm

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