Evanescent Thoughts

Evanescent Thoughts

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Yeah i am gonna recollect wht all i have been doing since i last remember. And yeah statuatory warning : U might feel like kicking me after reading the following lines. So be kind and rewind if u are not for it. 😛

MGL went of well . The first batch was great and the second batch , was like telling the same stuff to diff ppl tht it was not tht great as the first batch . The first experience always rocks and i pity all the lecturers and teachers how they manage to teach the same thing again and again . ( Not the comp sci dept ppl.. They never teach in the first place :P) and i got to knw from hari tht whn he took the classes, they had 4 batches . But still it was a great MGL and i owe it to all those guys who took the classes.And it was really senti for me on the last day whn it all came to an end.

Right after MGL i went to bur house. Me venki , rishi and rk had a nice time and roaming in chennai with friends is fun but i really missed it as i stayed only a day in chennai and left the next day back to home…

Back to coll, CTs were eagerly waiting for me. And i watched fewer movies a day . One tht caught my attention was machinist where Chirstian Bale looked so thin that he even ceased to exist. I could just not beleive my eyes . I wanna meet this guy some day and ask him how he made it.. There was one scene where his whole skeleton system was visible and i could count his bones.. I finished watching all three seasons of “How i Met your mother ” series.Season one was interesting . Season two was awesome and season three was ok.. I liked the barney character especially his ” awesome “ness and “legen……. dary” thing… 😛


Written by Sathya Narayanan

September 13, 2008 at 11:09 am

Posted in general, mokkai

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