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Evanescent Thoughts

Awesome Analysis on Ten roles

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i found this at this site and cudnt resist posting it here because its just awesome compilation of the ten roles…  great work done by this blogger
1. Rangaraja Nambi[A Staunch Vaishnavite]

– Brilliant body language.
– Fierce Acting.
– Awesome dialogue delivery.
– Amazing body ( Cant even imagine Kamal is 50 plus )

Look out for the scene when Kamal is forced to say Om Namah Sivayah . He starts singing Om Namooo and ends saying Narayanaya….Chanceless !!!

Also when Napoleon says so many “Arivom’s” to Nambi, he says that the god has made even him to say so many “Hari Om”…. Really Brilliant Dialogue !!

2. Govindaraj [ A Scientist ]

– Yet another Hero Kamal.
– Great Acting.
– Typical Kamal (includes all his qualities), looking more younger compared to his recent past.

Dialogues towards the climax, regarding GOD, were typical Kamal 😉

Govindaraj : “Naan Kadavul Ilainnu Sollalla..Irundha Nallayirukumnu Thaan Sollraen “


Asin To Kamal [In train] :
Asin : Indha kindal ellam venam..
Ulla unga vial irrukko ellaiyoo.. adha perumal ‘sagupadi ‘ panniduvaar.
Kamal : Ayyo Ellarum ‘saagum badi ‘ aayidunga

Kamal digging sand to keep vial in cold temperature..
Andal : Enna pandrael…??
Govind : Inga konjam eeraama irruku
Andal : Adhan enna pandrel nu ketten… 🙂 🙂

After Lorry-Car Accident..[Inside Lorry]
Aandal : Edhukku Velakka Anachael ???
Govind : Current Micham pidikka…. WILL YOU SHUT UP…!!!
Aandal : You Shut Up.. Get Up !!
Govind : Shut Up ah Get Up ??
Aandal : Edho Oru Uppu… Uppungo..
Ippo Uppuraela Illiya..!
Govind : Enna Thamizh da.. Appa !

[CRAZY MOHAN SIZZLES with his dialogues]


Fletcher : You cant get ‘away’ with this.
Govindaraj : No, I can get ‘a way’ with this.

3. Christian Fletcher [ Ex CIA Agent ]

Enna STYLE, …. Chance Eh Illa !!!
– Great Dialogue Delivery And Accent.
– Clearly one of the Best Villains… Really Cool Villain !!!

Really SUPER Dialogues by FLETCHER like,

Dr.Sethu : She’s a pro!
Fletcher : Yaa, i know that , am asking about the language !!

Fletcher: You talking to me ????
A TRIBUTE to Robert De Niro’s “Taxi Driver” mannerism.
Kamal was just awesome…

Fletcher Showing his frustration by telling “SHIT DAMN BRAM (Chidhambram)”

4. American President George Bush

– Really Wonderful English Accent ( He showed clear variation in accent between Fletcher and Bush )
– Make Up Really looks like Mr. Bush
– Hilarious Dialogues Making fun Of MR. Bush….!!!

Clever Mockery….. Like….,,

Mr. Bush: What’s NaCl ??

Mr. Bush: “Can’t we put a nuclear Bomb over that and stop it.” [ Hilarious and clear mockery of Bush’s affinity towards WARs and Bombs ]

Mr. Bush : ” Can you explain it to me? ”
Bush’s Associate : ” President, it is bit complicated. ”
Mr. Bush : ” Then don’t explain it. ”

He He…. Lol…

5. Balaram Naidu [ An intelligence official (RAW) of the Government of India ]

– Make Up looks Very Very Real.
– Sama Humour.
– Wonderful “Golti” Accent.
– Very Good Body language as a Stout Man.
– The Sequence with Balaram And Krishnaveni Paati, really Good

My Favourite Dialogues,

Balaram Naidu : ” Intha side Narasima Rao intha side Appa Rao….2 Rao um senthu ravoda rava kandu pidinga…” ……..hilarious dialogues.

Balaram Naidu : “Enga Yaenna 1st night ah nadakuthu Orae light eriyaaaaa..!!”

Balaram Naidu : “Terrific scientist ah, ila Scientific terrorist ah ?? ”

Courier company guy: Narashima rao
Balaram Naidu : Teluga ??
Courier company guy: Illa kannadigaru
Balaram Naidu : Problem inta, rendu bashaikum same script thane !!

Balaram Naidu : “I am from andhra and i am speaking in tamil….you are a tamilian and you are speaking in english…aprom tamil vazhga…valzharga nu sonna…eppadi tamil valaraum! “…………. Witty Mockery !!!

Balaram Naidu : Un paer enna?
Kalifulla : “Kalifulla khan”
Balaram Naidu : hmm… Athan ippadi fulla irukiya!!!!
Kalifulla : !!!

Appa Rao : “He can speak five languages in Telugu”.

Balaram Naidu : Vaaya “Light house”oo. (at Kalifulla Khan ).. Afghan dress potturukka..
‘Yeni ‘ madhiri Uyarama irrukka…..Nee enna ‘BIN LADDER’ ah ??….. he he… 🙂

Kalifulla : Lorry kar idichuttu poytar sir !!
Balaram Naidu : Correct ah sollu lorry ah car ah ?….. 🙂

6. Avatar Singh [ A Famous Pop Singer ]

– Kamal looks just like A Sikh… Wonderful.
– Awesome song. [Kamal sung the song “Oh Oh Sanam”]

– Had a small role to play in the movie.. But was neat enough and interlinked to the sequence off events happening in the story.- His Chemistry with Jayapradha is nostalgic.

7. Krishnaveni Paati [ A 95 Year Old Woman ]

– Awesome Makeup and body language.
– Kamal made him look like jus 4.5 feet tall… Really Wonderful !!
– In Mukundha Song after those paper’s were burnt Paati makes some smart moves and make sure all Dasavathar’s are projected well by making use of some small items like bucket etc… Thats good as well !!! Great touch…hats off Kamal and Vaali.

– Hilarious Dialogues In a an unimaginably Perfect Accent of an old Lady,

Krishnaveni Paati says: ” Romba traffic jam, adhan flyover la vandhuten”.

-Paati’s relative says “Unga pilla sigappa thaan iruppaan”.He meant that in the photo she carries– also we can notice tht her son’s fair..!.!..but she replies to him..””Ulla aana sigappu thaanda , Veyil’la thaan velila maathram karuthu ponaan “.
Awesome touch.. !!!

8. Vincent Poovaraghavan [ A Dalit Leader ]

– Make Up was so realistic that it dint look a bit like Kamal
– Nagercoil Accent wonderful
Body language…. As always SUPERRR !!!
– Great Dialogues

Kabilan: “Oru paanaikku oru padi soru…”
Vincent Poovaraghavan : ” Ithu periya paanai, unnum narraiya kottu…”
Again hilarious !!!

9. Kalifulla Khan [ A Tall Muslim ]

– Tall and innocent Muslim youth.

– Makeup Did look bit awkward, But making him look tall was amazing..!!!
– Strange Accent.
– Dint Have a Big Role 2 Play in the movie, But was a part of all the incidents which finally lead to the climax… [Chaos Theory ]

A Scene After Kalifulla (Baby) is rescued from the Car accident…

Kalifulla Khan : Thambi kaal maatikichhu..
KR Vijaya : Kaal Maatina enna, Vaay irukku illa…!
Kalifulla Khan : Illa Vaayladhan Thambi Kaal Maatikuchu..
The Boy(Thambi) : Vaay ah… ?? Naa Otta nu Nenachen..!!
Kalifulla Khan : Otta Than….. Otta Vaay !! 🙂 🙂

10. Shingen Narahashi [ A Japanese martial arts teacher ]

– Great Make Up [ Many couldn identify that it was Kamal ]
– Awesome Stunts
– Kamal has tried his hand in speaking Japanese TOOO !!
– Nice Dialogues [ Althogh Very Few ]
-The word “TSUNAMI RUN RUN” is first uttered by him is good thinking.They only know about tsunami better….. Great thinking Kamal.

Scene Dialogues !!!

Fletcher 2 Shingen: Remember HIROSHIMA ???
Shingen 2 Fletcher: Remember PEARL HARBOUR ???
Sama PUNCH !!!!!!!

Shingen Narahashi at Fletcher: “You wanna die slowly or quickly ?? “


Written by Sathya Narayanan

June 25, 2008 at 6:21 pm

Posted in Dasavatharam, Kamal

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  1. kuruvi rocks…..its a very imaginative movie as suggested by Vijay in his blog….the one u shared
    Akhil,Sanket and I loved the movie……………….:)


    July 5, 2008 at 11:49 am

  2. Great analysis !! I wonder how times you watched the movie,because I am surprised at how you can recall all the dialogues.


    July 24, 2008 at 11:52 pm

  3. what a handsome !


    December 4, 2008 at 3:13 pm

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