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Evanescent Thoughts

Magnum Opus .. why??

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Few more things i foudn abt Dasavatharam ..

DHASAVATHAARAM IS A TESTIMONY FOR MAKE-UP AS AN IMPORTANT ELEMENT IN FILM MAKING – An actor donning ten different roles in a single movie is a first in the history of world cinema. We call it as one legend in ten actions which was never before and never again. Ten different make-ups of Padmashree Kamal Haasan is done by Oscar Award winning make-up artiste Mr. Michael Westmore whose credits include Mask, Raging Bull, Blade Runner, Rambo, Star Trek series etc.

VISUALLY STUNNING STUNTS AND ACTIONS – With the script demanding huge stunts and action sequences, Kamal Haasan picked Mr. Andy Dixon, a world renowned stunt choreographer in the U.S. whose credits include like Miami Vice, Transporter 2, Ace Ventura-Pet Detective etc.,

VISUAL EFFECTS MARVEL – The Visual Effects work is a very crucial element of the movie since the story has many historical, factual and fantasy images to be recreated with the aid of the computer images. To achieve the standard and precision of Hollywood visual effects, we have Mr. Bryan M Jennings, Oscar Award nominee from Hollywood whose credits include Exorcist, Scary Movie, The Faculty, Man on Fire, and Vampire in Brooklyn to work on the visual effects department of the movie as visual effect supervisor.

VISUAL PRESENTATION AT ITS BEST – Cinematography for the movie is done by Mr. Ravivarman, Ace Cinematographer, whose works include Armaan, Anniyan (Aparajit) and Vettaiyadu Velliyadu. His creative and innovating lighting styles and compositions etc. are a treat to our eyes. This film is shot in super 35 format and world class Digital process.

EXEMPLARY WORK OF ART DIRECTION – The art direction for the movie involved large scale sets of historical, mythological, scientific, ultra modern and deluge concepts with utmost precision. The sets were ably erected by two eminent art directors Mr. Thotta Tharani and Mr. Samir Chanda both national award winners for art direction. To simulate a Tsunami sequence in the movie a 5 acre land was filled with water which resembled the back waters of a sea and sets were built amidst water as they are about to be washed away by huge waves created by the U.S. Team.

Why the making of “Dhasavathaaram” is considered a Herculean Task? – With the script starting from 12th century India and ending in our current real life scenario the film was shot in various locations that includes New York, Washington D.C. Florida, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Chennai, Chidambaram, Nagappattniam, Kanniya Kumari, Malaysia and other places in and around Tamilnadu.

Academics and Authenticity – A team of Head of Departments, Professors, Academic and Historians of IIT- Madras, Madras University, Tanjore university, Archaeological Survey of India and Department of Culture, Government of Tamilnadu have come forward to collaborate in the movie, giving their ideas, opinions, feed backs, research materials and advice for the authenticity of the script.

Filming – First Indian film to aerially shoot a City (Chennai) Landscape in a helicopter. Since permission for filming a Metropolitan City has so far been restricted by Government of India. First Indian movie to shoot in a large scale Water set. (Cover 5 acres of Land). First time a team of Mechanical engineers, welders, fabricators and other workers working with heavy industrial engineering background played a major role in creating hydraulic and pneumatic rigs for certain cinematic effects.


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June 10, 2008 at 6:07 pm

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