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Evanescent Thoughts

The day i lost my Gnome and got it back !!

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yeah u heard it right . i did lose my gnome in my fedora 8 tht had been running for the past four or five months  in my laptop(Phoenix).It all started when amarok did not start properly and i decided to bring amarok back to life no matter what it takes :). I first re installed amarok from my repo , but still it showed the same behavior. Now i  thought may be my alsa mixer(Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) is not properly working so i tried to remove alsa and thats exactly where i initiated the whole process of losing GNOME. The alsa packages tht i had marked for removal had lots of packages from GNOME , KDE and others( in fact all the packages) dependent on it. And without noticing wht i am actually removing , i clicked the ok button to proceed on with the alsa removal  and it happily removed everything from my comp and i found my comp being reduced to a black screen with a terminal prompt on it . Did i deserve all these for removing a single package. In fact yes. This is how Linux works . It has lots of packages dependent on others tht if it misses the dependency , it removes the other pacjkages which infact become a sort of garbage without th dependencies.

And now i was like i am no where on this earth , pushed to the extent of being without linux in the Theoretical CS lab. And then i took a break and came back and took backup of important  data using the command mode and thought about the different optins that i had.

1.Go back to windows temporarily abandoning Linux ( I was really feeling bad whn i thought one simple package removal can take me to this extent)

2.Install Ubuntu which i dont like as i liked Fedora

3.Install Fedora 9 for which i had no repos.

I could clearly convince myself tht all these were not going to match the performance and graphics of my current Fedora 8 which i had customized so much.

So this is hw i gt back my gnome . I mounted my hard disk ,which had the repos, manually frm command mode and took back up of everything.

Next i did a yum -y groupinstall “GNOME Desktop Environment” and yipee my gnome got installed back in fifteen minutes nw i reinstalled all the apps and stuff and in one hour time i was like from deathbed to my paradise . Ofcourse i named my comp Phoenix and it has resurrected my pleasure from  ashes.

So i am now more confident of things in GNOME and in this course of time i actually realized the full potential of Linux – The Terminal . Thats the back bone tht supports everything and as long as it stays in my comp  i can do anything and evrything with it.

So coming back to the amarok thing tht had initially caused all these problem , i came to knw tht if i had cleared my cache from home directory it would have solved the problem . But i wud have missed the fun and thrill  i have experienced. And i almost wasted half of my day at Theoretical CS lab getting all this back to work . I had to wirte back python scripts for Screenlets tht i found were buggy . And in al it was a Lot of Fun ;););)


Written by Sathya Narayanan

May 31, 2008 at 1:41 am

Posted in computers, Ha Ha Ha, Linux

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