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Dasavatharam Stunts by Andy Dixon – New info

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Nothing substantial have come out till now about the action sequences in ‘Dasavatharam’.

But don’t think that Kamal Hassan is not going to give competition to all those young fiery heroes for making sure that it’s his dream project that gets the best ever name tag in all the ingredients of entertainment including the action sequences.

When the movie itself cruises towards its end through thrilling action scenes, then we can think how much importance must have been given to those frames.

So we can understand what the reason is for Andy Dixon being chosen by Kamal Haasan to head the action unit of the film to be a necessity rather than be a luxury.

This famous action choreographer’s work profile boasts of films like Miami Vice, Transporter 2, Ace Ventura-Pet Detective etc.

Andy Dixon is considered as an expert in car chase sequences and making rigs for action scenes involving big risks. Rigs which are designed as per the requirements of each film are equipments used to execute high-risk action sequences to maximum perfection without causing damage to men or equipments.

The action guru also has a completely equipped team of experts to carry out the responsibility smoothly. The ten member action team includes a specialist in wire fights, a Parkour jump expert, race drivers, stuntmen and stunt women.

A jaw dropping car chase scene forms part of the climax of ‘Dasavatharam’. The sequences have been executed by a group of race drivers who have performed in the highly popular AXN Serial “Extreme Stunts”. Grady Bishop who is dare devil driver from Florida, U.S is the captain of the high risk drivers gang.

‘Dasavatharam’ also offers some thing for the lovers of martial arts fighting scenes. Hai-Kido which is a Japanese martial art will be part of the action works in the film. For choreographing these shots Sonny Loke Chuan Sun who is a master of Hai-Kido was brought all the way from Japan to USA.

“The end sequence of ‘Dasavatharam’ would be remembered for long time for its great actions and rigs”.

This is what Andy Dixon has to say about the climax part of the film. If such an experienced person says this with so much surety, the wait till June 12 to experience this action scene in ‘Dasavatharam’ is worth.

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Written by Sathya Narayanan

May 31, 2008 at 6:41 pm

Posted in Kamal

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