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Evanescent Thoughts

(cd .. | ls -l) | grep Fourth Semester

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Foreword :

For non linux users who just happen to be keen on wht this command does , it actually lists our my Fourth sem Experirnce ( cd .. changes to ur previous directory and ls list the contents and grep mathces the pattern and ‘|’ pipes the output of one into another) . Hope it was acceptable for a geeky heading .

Without boring u anymore with my linux shell commands let me take u striaght to the topic i wanted to post on.

At the end of third sem i was very happy because i fetched a 9.59 gpa in tht sem without actually shedding any of my efforts for tht. I was really surprised thinking “Is tht all in college” .But then the first comedy was when i misunderstood the “Basics of Communications ” course for the fourth sem to be the English course which i had in my Second sem. Both of them had the same name.so i was very happy tht one of the subject s gonna be easy one. but then the first class of Basics of Communications, they started teaching abt ” Signals and System”. Wht the hell happened. i checked in if i was in the correct class room. But hw could tht be all my
comp sci mates were warming up the benches in the same class room as I was . And then i realised the terrible thing tht i had been into. “I am gonna have an ECE subject in my 4th sem” . Oh god please save me from this wrath. since then this class had been my fav dose of sleeping pills.Whenever i didnt sleep properly and had a signals class , i thanked god for giving me this opprtunity.

And i also had this class of systems Programming tht eased me whn i skipped my sleep the previous night.The only classes tht i lvd was the “Automata Class ” and the “Probabbility Classes ” . An the most boring one was the “Computer Architecture” tht i found at tangents with my interests.

Enough of Academic Realms. Let me jump into the other things i did. I took Algorithms seriously and started solving more of SPOJ and climbed up the ranking to top 400 . And then came my linux learning curve, peaking during the pragyan times for pengufest. Since then i bid bye bye to “Windows Vista ” and started using Linux for everything. I could count the instance i used Vista after tht. One was for playing NFS MW at time during NITT Fest and for some occasional video conversion for which i hadnt gt the repos in Linux. Fedora became an integrak part of my life and i installed abt 40 comps in my hostel with linux. So i am a bit happy tht i started of the Linux in many comps in my Second yr as suren did for his year.

After pengufest the one significant thing was delta password tht i gt for pengufest . I didnt have to wait anymore in the dammned i lab fr accessing web. Sangam vnc was back into my stacks and i had great fun working from octa . It was less disturbing and occasionally did some work for “Vortex ’08” site and ” NITT Fest 08 ” site. Then i was through this networking assignment from the fourth years which i liked solving especially the third assignment which had problems from SPOJ tht i had to solve.

After all these my fourth sem was a bit racy without taking into the academic ones tht pulled down the tempo.and suddenly i found my semester exams knocking my doors and i started preparing for tht . And in the name of preparations i had watched the First two of the matrix Trilogy and a couple of other movies including the Happy Days for abt 8 times.

And then came the news abt Dasavatharam audio release and tht fever caught me up and i stayed online most of the time to catch up with the latest news of kamal and his ten roles.

And so came the disaster of Tamil cinema when “Kuruvi ” Trailer gt released and i started warning ppl thro sms of this deadly mokkai tht was going to be released .

The next few days took me through the semester exams .It had been a series of nightouts and here i am finally writing on wht i hv been thro. though i have screwed up few of my sem exams , i dont care abt tht nw because the results gonna come only after july. so till then its all fun fun fun!!! 🙂 😉


Written by Sathya Narayanan

May 10, 2008 at 10:39 am

Posted in general

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  1. nice post……..

    Akhil,Sanket and me loved kuruvi……. 🙂


    May 11, 2008 at 11:00 am

  2. when did u undergo tht tragedy… 😦

    Sathya Narayanan

    May 11, 2008 at 11:03 am

  3. The movie was awesome 😀


    May 11, 2008 at 12:22 pm

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