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The Dasavatharam Zig-Saw

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Got these from behindwoods and found them interesting ….

This might be the toughest jigsaw ever. We have so many pieces and yet no clue as to what fits in where. So, we have no idea of what the big picture looks like. Let’s assume each role that Kamal does in Dasavatharam as one piece of the jigsaw and try to put all of them together piece by piece using all the information, rumors and imagination that we have. We may not get to the heart of Dasavatharam but the effort might be worth it.

Clue 1:

The first press release. This referred to the ancient tussle between Kulothunga cozhan and the Vaishnava saint Ramanujan. Dating back to the 14th century, legend connects their tussle to the revered idol at Srirangam in Trichy, an idol that was supposedly drowned in the sea along with the saint who was labeled a heretic. By the look of things, Kamal plays Ramanujan here, who is chained to the idol and dragged along with it.

Clue 2:

The stills: Among the first set of official stills of Dasavatharam to be released were two frames with Kamal and Asin, where Asin was shown holding something that looked like a small idol. Another still shows a priest carrying the same idol. Now this leads to the question: Was this the idol that was drowned along with Ramanujan in the 14th century, went on a long journey through the length and breadth of India and finally returned to Srirangam? There have also been a few SMSs circulating with stills showing Mughal looking kings holding the idol. This makes sense as the idol of Srirangam is said to have passed through the hands of the Mughals during its long journey.

Clue 3:

The latest stills: All of you have seen it and by now would be quite sure that Kamal indeed plays Ramanujam. But these set of stills show Kamal being chained to a larger than life-size idol and being drowned. Now, this is certainly not the idol that we saw Asin holding, nor can this be the idol that according to legend went on a long journey across India. Here the jigsaw fails to connect.

Clue 4:

The next press release: This revealed a scene that was shot which involved lyricist Kapilan. Kamal and Kapilan together protest and stop illegal sand quarrying from a river bed, Kapilan recites a verse describing his feelings- that’s what the scene is all about. The theme of the scene is definitely very contemporary and could have found a place in Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. But what puzzles us here is what such a theme or track is doing in a movie that has stills indicating a mythological/legend/ dram

Clue 5:

The stills again: All of you might have seen Kamal in the trailer (and the stills) in a body suit, fully covered in a sophisticated research facility. Now, it is easy to believe that he is training to be an astronaut in the movie but the more distinct possibility is that the research facility we saw is a high-tech bioscience laboratory. And, we have heard a few things about biological weapons and warfare in connection with Dasavatharam. So, is one of the Kamals involved in a biological warfare research lab and how does this form a part of a movie that has its origins in the 14th century. And, after the audio release function Jackie Chan had said something about the movie in which we had heard the word ‘pollution’ and allied terms. Now, we have environmental conservation, biological warfare and pollution control all jostling for space in the same movie.

Clue 6:

The tsunami: The tsunami scene is one of the highlights of Dasavatharam. When does it happen, why and how? From the stills it does look like it is from the 14th century when the movie begins. How do the seismic waves originate? Some opinions have been floating around that it is the wrath of the Lord of Srirangam who had been drowned that causes the giant waves. But, looking at the above sub plots of pollution control and environmental conservation, a deeper message cannot be ruled out here.

Clue 7:

Big or small: Does the story revolve around the big idol or the small idol, both of which are present in the movie? Well, some ingenious brains have been working up some great theories. One such theory says that the giant idol that was drowned in the sea was made of a very powerful/valuable stone and vested foreign interests are trying to get their hands on it. That sort of explains why we see Kamal fighting a foreigner in the trailer. But the question remains, is the fight for the big idol or the small one?

Clue 8:

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) was reportedly not very happy with the depiction of the Vaishnava-Shaiva conflict of the 14th century (without even seeing the movie). But the production house has issued a clarification stating that the movie in no way hurts the feelings of devotees.

Clue 9:

This one adds to the confusion: the other roles played by Kamal. The old lady, the Sardar, George Bush-what are these characters doing in a movie that involves Srirangan?!

Clue 10:

The unpredictability: We have heard a lot, assumed a lot, seen a little and yet nowhere near to knowing what Dasavatharam is. We feel that it might be two perspectives: the spiritual and the scientific, with a contemporary message. But then, the man behind this is Kamal and when Dr. Kamal Haasan is at work, nothing is predictable.

and here is the link to the original one

Written by Sathya Narayanan

May 9, 2008 at 10:49 am

Posted in Kamal

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  1. Machi, semma info da…
    Nice work!

    I’ve blogrolled you at my homepage, so that, all kamal fans might pay a visit …


    May 9, 2008 at 10:35 pm

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