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Interview with the Producer

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DASAVATHARAM – Making history

He is one of the few producers, who don’t make it even to the muhurat of their own movies. But Expresso, caught up with the producer of Dasavatharam, Oscar Ravichandran, just three days ahead of the audio launch. Here is all the news, straight from the man who has pumped in more than Rs 60 crore for this historic venture

  • C When will the movie get released?

The movie is complete. Shooting got over long ago. Dubbing, re-recording and all the post-production work is done. All we are waiting for is the computer graphics portion to be done. A Germany-based company is helping us with it. We are expecting 40 shots of the tsunami, which will feature in the movie, to be done by them. Expect an official announcement about the movie’s release date in 10 days.

  • Does the movie have an extensive use of computer graphics in it?

Yes, and I’m not sure, which movie has used graphics to this extent in Asia. The use of graphics in this film would be the highest after Jurassic Park and Terminator.

  • Amitabh Bachchan, Jackie Chan and Mammooty have seen the trailer. How has the response been?

They’ve all been very happy about it. The fact that Jackie Chan is flying down from Shanghai just to be part of it is a proof of how much he enjoyed it. Mammooty saw it once and asked us to play it again. “It has become Kamal’s habit to excel. What do we guys do if he is so wonderful?” he asked.

Bachchan too was very pleased with what he saw.

  • Is it a period movie?

Actually no, it is a movie that deals with both the 12th and the 21st centuries.

  • Has the movie been certified by the censor board?

Yes, it has been cleared with a U certificate. It is now 2 hours and 50 minutes long.

Tell us more about Kamal Haasan’s involvement in the movie.

At some point of time, all of us in the crew got tired doing the movie. Kamal was the only person who never lost interest and worked till the end with the same zeal he started with. He actually worked for 240 days, with all the cumbersome make up. And one must understand that he is not doing 10 roles or get-ups. He is doing 10 different characters in the movie. It is a great achievement and will take at least a decade for any actor to outdo this performance, say by taking up 11 roles.

  • Now for the music. You’ve entrusted the job to a person who doesn’t belong to Tamil Nadu. How has it turned out?

The wait is almost over for the fans. The audio release is happening soon and they will get to listen it for themselves. The music will definitely be a highlight, even for the 12th century part.

  • Has Himesh sung? And how about Kamal Haasan?

(Laughs) Yes, of course, Himesh has sung a song. Kamal too has sung one song.

  • Apart from Kamal’s 10 roles, what would you call the specialty of the movie?

The pace of the movie, undoubtedly .

When the movie was announced with the Kamal-KS Ravikumar combo, it seemed like a comedy. With so much money into it now and the 12th century portions, it seems like a serious theme.

It’s a pacy entertainer. A film you can watch with the entire family And we have .

ensured that there will be no confusion between the different Kamals you see in the movie. But we have done away with a few elements: There is no usual romance, no duet, no political drama or violence. It’s an entertainer that everybody will enjoy, after a long time.


Written by Sathya Narayanan

April 24, 2008 at 10:52 am

Posted in Kamal

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