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Evanescent Thoughts


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I name this post chumma because this is justa generel post and wud interest the least number of guys except if u happen to fall under the category of homosapiens who have an interest to ponder other’s day to day activities…

So for those who have reached till this line, here are the things tht kept me occupied thro these days..

1. I started preparing for my comp arch retest though i have my retest only on 16th. I am terribly pissed off with this thing tht i understand nothing even after hours of the so called preparations ( flat on my bed with  lappy on my side and some old song going on “sodhanai mel sodhanai”.

2. I missed one more tc competition just because i was not confident enough and came to knwo tht the competition was easy one..

3. Though i promised myslef i wud not solve any problems from SPOJ till my retest gets over (thought i wud seriously prepare for comp arch after screwing my ct),but cud not resist the temptation of completing 50 problems on SPOJ and getting a 555 rank .(miles to go ahead!!!)

4. I did some washing stuff after my tedious preparations to get my mind out of all tht i have been through reading tht big book of Hamacher

5. Sat down with akhil and sanket to do the next part of my proj and had a nice time debugging….

6. Saw Happy Days for the fifth time !!!

7. Thought i wud write something in my log after a long time

I knw hw much i have missed my normal life because of this comp arch thing … i just wish i dont have to take this thing again  in my life ever ….


Written by Sathya Narayanan

April 13, 2008 at 8:04 pm

Posted in general

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