Evanescent Thoughts

Evanescent Thoughts

New Mobile.

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Hmmm.. Last week i did one important thing. i bid bye bye to my soap dabba( nokia 2600) tht i had been using since my first yr. It was pretty much in a bad state but i cant expect to have it in some better condition after all the illtreatments i have put it through.For example , i never spent a day without putiing it down . My highest count had been seven times a day . And each time it falls down it goes Quack. The keypad goes in one direction, front panel into one., battery into one direction and then i need to restore it back to its previous state so tht i can drop it some other time..:-)..so after all these treatments it was so nice of my mom to come forward and accept it as her new soap dabba( she had a even bigger dabba.. the first phones tht nokia released.) So after all these exchanges i managed to grab a Nokia 6300 with a 2 M P camera.. And one significant difference being tht its really slim and not like the soap dabba i had previously:-)


Written by Sathya Narayanan

March 29, 2008 at 8:39 pm

Posted in general

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