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Issues on Fedora 8

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Since i hav been actively using fedora 8 and exploring its features for the past one month , i thought i could share some of the small problems for which i could find solutions…

1 >First one, Fedora 8 doesnt play a login sound .. To Sort tht out u need a player tht runs without GUI.. and so does “mplayer”..So

*Download what ever sound you like from www.gnome-look.org and go to system sounds.

*Leave your sound in the home directory (unless some else can help with this).

*In order for sound to play in the background you need to install mplayer.

*Go to preferences >more preferences >sessions >startup programs and add this command:

mplayer Startup1_4.ogg

2> The next one is working on grub prompt from ur terminal in fedora …Actually fedora has its grub prompt in /sbin … it has a lot more things in this /sbin… so wht we do is just add the /sbin path to our system PATH variable…

to do this add the following to ur .bashrc or .bash_profile file in ur home directory( . indicates it is hidden)


should work..

and similarly add /usr/sbin for manymore commands like tcpdump and stuff….

Once u r in ur grub prompt u can reinstall ur grub and use lot of of other options like md5 encrytpion and things…

3>To have the Fonts tht u use in windows , just copy them and paste in the /usr/share/fonts directory in ferdora ..

When u downlaod any themes from net just paste them on to ur /usr/share/ gdm for login managers

/usr/share/themes for ur window borders and application themes…

/usr/share/icons for icon themes

4>What happens when u dont safely remove ur pen drive from windows and plug it in FEdora… It reports tht the device is still mounted to ntfs connection to mount it in ur linux use the following command

give a su and ur root password..

now create a directory with ant name(here My-Pen-Drive) in /media using the command

mkdir /media/My-Pen-Drive

now mount using

mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/My-Pen-Drive/ -o force…

if u want to mount a hard disk use sda1 or 2 or 3 accordingly instead of sdb1….

will put up more in the coming days…


Written by Sathya Narayanan

March 8, 2008 at 11:12 pm

Posted in computers, general, Linux

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