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Why Linux

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WARNING: The following is from my small knowledge on Linux and FOSS so pardon me if i have put up anything wrong..

Lots of ppl have this question in their mind abt Linux …. Now Software technology has taken this world into its own realms tht each and every organisation depends on it some way or the other… Now when it comes to OS and the software market ppl still think microsoft has the edge over others… Wht microsoft gives : A sort of OS tht runs properly but has some bugs(security fixes) for which u need to pay a third party organisation for getting it fixed.. in this way microsoft earns the goodies of all these third party organisations …and microsoft itself invests lots of money on research to try and analyse how to emulate MAC OS as a brand new OS Vista…To speak more on the “differences” between MAC and Vista needs a seperate post…Now coming back to the issue wht microsoft gives u is an OS for which u gotta pay(excluding the indians who give a damn abt copyright stuff) and still has lots of loop holes to exploit …

Now when u come to Linux , wht Linux gives you is a platform on which u can builld and reconstruct yout Os to suite your needs and stuff and all of this costs you nill… Now in my opinion the main difference between microsoft and Linux disttibutions are the ease with which u can report a problem or rectify a problem…Can u compare the millions of ppl who scratch their heads to create a new Linux OS to the thousands of the so called intelligent guys wiith heavy research funding who emulate a existing OS and give it a brand name and release…

Lets analyse the bug point of view… Wht happens when u get a bug in Windows.. All u can do is send a bug report to them back and sit back and relax… Wht Linux gives u is the freedom to Analyse the bug and sort it out and release it back as a new one with your own credits… Though linux has its code open ,turning it malicious for hackers.. there hasnt been much for the viruses to do in Linux because there are lot more ppl who work on the source code to find out the loop holes and correct them so tht u dont have any security threats.,..

When it matters to money … Where do the Linux organisations get their money if Linux is for FREE..

1.Though linux is for FREE when u buy an Enterprise Edition from the organisation u pay them in case u have any service requests…

This is a meagre income if u consider the next one

2.Govt Organisations.. Think on how much money Govt spends on Software.. its just about 1600 crores per year on various levels and features …. Thanks to the popularisation of Linux now Govt is hifting to FOSS and Linux and so where does this 1600 crore go..(into some politician’s locker!!!) A part of it govt makes sure tht it reaches the FOSS organisations..

For ppl who dont beleive just visit the Reservation centre in Trichy bus stand .. the comps there are running onLINUX!!! 🙂

In a world without wall or fences, who needs Windows and Gates?”


Written by Sathya Narayanan

March 6, 2008 at 8:56 pm

Posted in computers, general, Linux

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